Got Beef?


You got beef for your burger?

There are many dips at the different types and varieties of curry. Curry is a very International type of food having a Following an appreciation in many different types of cultures whether by Asian or Indian or even African cultures they have some type of curry.

Yet the type of curry that I want to bring to your attention at this point in time right now is the curry that has beef with in it too.

No unless you are what is called the vegetarian or you classify yourself as a vegan than beef could be one of the meat that is a primary staple within your diet.

Now we do not discriminate against other types of meat.

such as maybe even the chicken or the or the fish or if we even talk about the pork with some people do not eat for many reasons.

And now as we talk about this we realize that there is a great disparity and what needs to happen so that the cows are raised naturally and not just in a system where they’re just fed with hormones and growth steroids just to pump out more meat.

Now you can have full confidence and be rest assured that any time that you pick up the phone to call us for our curry special that we will be delivering to you The kind of beef that you can hold onto not the kind of beef that I like to refer to like maybe even in the hip hop game with a lot of back and forth and taking with emotions that distracts you from your mission.


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