The Curry King


It’s not enough room for two Curry Kings in this town.

There’s enough hungry people out here for all the restaurants to have good business.

But we’ve found that once you are known for cultivating great ideas and executing them with action, that you tend to attract new attention that’s wants to challenge your position as a sort of proving grounds.

e sizzle of the meat on the stove in the kitchen quarters. The pleasant aroma of coffee and chili wafting through the dining area beckoning the passerby and welcoming the loyal return customers. One thing we ALL have in common..


If we are alive, we need to EAT to replenish The store houses of energy and production that our bodies are the temples that we live in.

Man let’s take it back to the good old days how aunty used to do when she would go and get a quick and easy recipe and crank up something delicious from scratch.

And since we are on the topic of cooking, eathe passion in the knowledge that you are learning in the kitchen there will be something that will help shape and mold you into a great master chef and wife. Yet somehow even in the midst of how great that learning experience was for that child there were some people who Saw what was happening and found a way to make it seem the best on it Making wild and outlandish claims and allegations about how impressive it is for this young apprentice to be in the kitchen learning how she is and doing what she’s doing.

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