About Us


Hey there guys! This is Jordan Cuski and I am Really really glad that you took the time out of your day to come in to my humble blog spot so that I could share my passion about elite curry specials..

This is really cool like this awesome I guess freaking exciting to!

Note that I do acknowledge that that was a feeble attempt to sound hip and cool like the language of the young cool hoppers that love to eat our food here at curry special.

Man although slang and coolness may not be my strongest strengths and best suits, I do have many things that I can share with you that may be of some relevance and importance for my 15 year experience here at curry special.

And as I look at the words that I write as tools to express my ideas in my thoughts my perspective about our food, My hope is that you will come along for the ride for giving any grammatical errors or is something that is not politically correct but you would be able to embrace And understand the essence of the points of what I’m saying in the under the different topics under the umbrella of our global company brand.

Alrighty then!

What are you looking for lunch maybe go to convert hunger or meal plans or maybe just want to put on something to make yourself look full, Do you know that when our store comes up in conversation that the conversation then becomes about the best doing what the best does..