Our Curry is a wrecker

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Even like a pile of 32 cars that have skidded off the road and into a collision.

Our Curry is like a collision of flavor and ingredients that explode into delicious bursts of savoury sensations.

What flavor haven’t we tasted before? Or are we tricking ourselves with the illusion that we are already on the road with the necessary fuel to get to where we haven’t been before. Sure there’s the concept of being self made and self sufficient and being all self reliant and independant where we can find ourselves blocking opportunities to learn and absorb potentially pivotal information Because we have trained our minds to be selfish with our vehicles I the road to be the keys to unlock the car door to the realization of the path we dream of.

I only refer

as one who realized that I had to practice what I am now currently preaching so I set out sometime ago to find those so I can learn from.

I’ve actually heard of the relationship between a cook and driver described as that between someone pregnant and a midwife. Meaning that we maybe very well meaning with our ambitions with our pursuit with our visions but we need someone to steer that which is inside of us onto the right road

Yes there will be pain yes there will be pressure yes It’ll be some vehicular troubles, but when you realize that you can call now for wrecker service, and that the new car is brand new and beheld it is worth every second.

I know that there is a omnipotent divine creator who is the master Orchestrator of the order of our lives and he fulfills his plans for humanity through the lives of those who submit to yield to his never failing hands by endlessly seeking to uncover more what He has already placed inside of us.

When we are pursuing those who we can look up to as customers and can show us their love of our food, we also have to consider that we have to be mindful of who we allowed to have that position of direction in our roads.

The Curry King


It’s not enough room for two Curry Kings in this town.

There’s enough hungry people out here for all the restaurants to have good business.

But we’ve found that once you are known for cultivating great ideas and executing them with action, that you tend to attract new attention that’s wants to challenge your position as a sort of proving grounds.

e sizzle of the meat on the stove in the kitchen quarters. The pleasant aroma of coffee and chili wafting through the dining area beckoning the passerby and welcoming the loyal return customers. One thing we ALL have in common..


If we are alive, we need to EAT to replenish The store houses of energy and production that our bodies are the temples that we live in.

Man let’s take it back to the good old days how aunty used to do when she would go and get a quick and easy recipe and crank up something delicious from scratch.

And since we are on the topic of cooking, eathe passion in the knowledge that you are learning in the kitchen there will be something that will help shape and mold you into a great master chef and wife. Yet somehow even in the midst of how great that learning experience was for that child there were some people who Saw what was happening and found a way to make it seem the best on it Making wild and outlandish claims and allegations about how impressive it is for this young apprentice to be in the kitchen learning how she is and doing what she’s doing.

Grill Top Curry Steak


Get The Grill Ready For Family Reunion Time

For mothers and fathers and sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles and nieces and nephews and friends and loved ones and teams.

Our Grill top Curry steak is a delicious selection for your hungry mouths to feed at your next event

The ones that were with us while we were shooting in the gym and now as we’re traveling abroad across continents and states and cities, Reaching for our pinnacle stretching forward on to the finish line that we are saying we cannot wait to run in to.

I didn’t necessarily search for a visual with a list of what someone believes are the nutritional needs that we have as humans, However I can agree with this list as I think about it and contemplating reflect on the fact that in one form of the other at these are definite necessities.

Now as a look on the graphic that I did choose and put up above I see that these are very real but how can you complete a list with very little very different supplemental things one of them being money.

10 lands, 50 hands 100 brands..

Let’s not even discuss it main dude, let our union and our movements speak for ourselves because the main point to consider is that can have our steak and eat it too.

we want to stir in the pot, instead of sitting on the shelves like the spices we use to cater to your needs..

Curry with the Pot


Why not?

It’s almost impossible to carry a conversation about curry being a curry catering service without actually acknowledging the fact that someone named curry is hot right now.

So for now I’m going to step away from a regular scheduled programming and now we’re talking about a catering service and how we can cater to the needs of your event that the level of spice that we carry in our curry.

Now whether or not you’re a fan of the sport of basketball in its athleticism is acrobatics in his high-flying dunks in quick crossovers in fast breaks.

Now you should be able to correlate and relate that to as we’re talking about the context of the current is delivered through our kitchen and the curry that is on the court cooking in the kitchen for the Warriors.

What are the similarities?

Maybe you’re sitting back stretching your hand like wondering how could this possibly be how can we associate this food with this basketball player that is rising up in the league?

Well for starters they’re both starters so I restarted it off in his game and then usually sometimes people will start off with curry in their meal.

We will make sure that You can identify and understand the correlation between the two to talk about but the level of hotness where they were talking about the hot and turns the spiciness of The Curry the hot and turns of hot in the game in terms of steph.


Curry Powder for the pot

curry with the pot

Different seasonings for different seasons.

One of the most beautiful things about not only cooking but also in life in general is the ability to have the variety and the choice To choose from an assortment of different flavors, Styles, and other variations.

No one and I mean absolutely no one likes to wear out your taste buds and their taste or even their favorite dish by just having it over and over and repetition.

Which is why we here at Curry special make sure that we have a variety of spices of curry enthusiasts wherever they are.

Have someone ever told you that you need to spice up an area of your life?

Because if they have a very well May have been telling the truth.

Now even though we may know a little thing about spices or two then that doesn’t mean they we’re the Ones to come and talk to when you’re talking about spicing up your love life or your marriage.

But what I will suggest is to do what we do here it which is make the proper due necessary diligence to be prepared.

So let us handle any catering events and catering needs that you may have if you’re looking for good food to satisfy the starving stomachs.

And we will be sure to notify you if all of the parts of our menu and the items that we carry that are very very spicy and those that are more milder say for kids for example.